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Private Message from user: seasnake15, Subject: Kira Poll (op: letty)


I saw your post, the one with the poll about who we think Kira might be. I had a few questions... First, how should I respond if I don't think Kira is any of those people? And also, I wanted to ask what made you decide to list those people as options?

If you have reasons to suspect them, I'd love to hear.
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Thank you for your response. My reasons to suspect them are clear, if you had done the research that I have. Why do you think that Kira is not one of them? What are your suggestions?
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Have you looked into L, then? He is public, yes, but he hides his identity thoroughly. This casts suspicion on him as we do not know why he hides it. I did not reach a dead end because my father is a cop and so I quizzed him on details of the case.

That's a good idea, but how would an everyman have access to the information Kira needs?
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Of course, the police haven't solved the case either, so maybe they're not the smartest...

Hard to maintain something like that, yes, but I believe he's smart enough to do it. After all, look at how many cases he's solved! It's likely that he has snapped somewhere along the way and can't keep it up anymore. I know that I would think humans were vile if I had to encounter that much.

I suppose that's true. Of course, the question is: are they an everyman in Japan or another country?

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The book needs to be changed, then, if it prevents the police from doing what is truly necessary.

One has to wonder, then, how L can be so wrong about his sense of justice. It's a little fucked up that he's seen so much and yet can't catch on to Kira's way, isn't it? That's why I like to believe they're the same person. It doesn't shake my faith in humanity.

What was the identity of the criminal? I'd tracked it back to a criminal who held a hostage situation.
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But how do we know they're the right rules?

I bet you can hazard a guess as to why he kills, if you're already so smart as to have guessed the small time criminal. What makes you think he killed that man first? As far as I was aware, he died of an accident.
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It's easy to know about that sort of thing. You just need to think about it. I'm sure you're smart enough to debate ethics. You already guessed the heart attack.

I believe that Kira is trying out of the good of his heart. I just have a feeling about this.
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Did you obtain this autopsy through your friend's connections? I wonder how I hadn't discovered it through my own. Perhaps my father is hiding something from me...

Ethics are easy to start studying, though hard to keep up with. They are, howveer, worth it.

Is it? What do you know about me?
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That's true. I had no reason to go back that far. But how can we be sure there were no heart attacks before that?

I'm no genius either.

I'm mostly wondering if you've done research on me as well. Of course, that would be a little hard outside of my online identity.
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So now that we have identified the first kill, what do we do with this information? Can we extrapolate a timeline?

Maaybe. I am tempted to give you permission, just to see how far you can go. But I haven't decided yet.
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I'm interested in this project. You can see that I am already interested in who he may be from that poll. If you find enough information about me, you may discover what I normally do to try to find him.

Alright. But am I trying to find out about you as well?
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Yes. Then I'd ask him why he's doing what he is doing. I really want to know if his values are in line with mine, or if I shouldn't be supporting his ideas after all.

Then this experiment will commence. When will we share what we've found?
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We should figure out how we can both respect him and find out what we're curious about.

Very fair. Do you want to message here, or outside the forum?
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That's good to know. For Kira's safety, I mean.

No, I meant more of a video chat perhaps.
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Then in one week, at... say, 10 pm?
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One Week Later

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Light settles himself in front of his computer, idly wondering why he is doing this. Though the other person behind the screen had said he was trying to find out information, Light hadn't had to make that challenge - but the person named Seasnake'd guessed so many things and got them correct that it scared him a little.

That made it stupid to challenge him, but this had also exhilarated him - the challenge was a way of snatching up a feeling that he hadn't had since L died. Near certainly never inspired it, though he had played a part in the research this time around.

Too much thinking and not enough doing. He'd recently added Seasnake to his buddy list and he presses the button to request a video chat.
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Oy vey. Light had not expected this, but he manages to keep it from reflecting on his face. Inwardly, he thinks bitterly that children are getting smarter these days, and he's met another Near. Outwardly, he smiles.


His voice is steady and welcoming, only his eyes reflect his inner thoughts.
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"I'm just wondering how I didn't discover your age," Light says. "I found out a lot, but the friend helping me told me he'd keep something secret as a surprise. Now I know what it is."

He finally laughs, the bitter look going away from his eyes. Near is a funny little asshole, and Light has to give him a little credit for this one.

"How about you go first? Get all the surprises out at once."
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Light is surprised by how much has been dug up. When he issued the challenge he hadn't exactly expected it to go anywhere, it'd just been a fun distraction to practice his newly found detective skills on. But now this is dangerous, because the boy has found out so much, and is so close to a guess about Kira, if only he'd process a little differently.

"No," he says, and clears his throat. "No, you didn't."
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", you didn't." Light is a total liar but he usually pulls it off real well. He's starting to get a feeling that it might not work here, but he has no idea where that's coming from - instinct, maybe? But he's going to press on and hope that he is wrong.

"I just didn't expect you to find so much. I need to cover my tracks better."
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"I want to be a cop again," Light says. He's... partially telling the truth with this one. If it's a way he can get connected to more information, he'll do it, even if he hates the rules they have to abide by. "That's the reason for that sort of behavior."

He pauses.

"You go to the school I almost went to, don't you?"
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"Is it really?" Light smirks a bit. He probably ought not to, but he likes the idea that he has something to shoot back in return, especially after some of the things that the other discovered. "Because I've discovered a few facts that might suggest otherwise. The state of your class, for example?"
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It's a mix of both, really. Light plays games when he talks to people, he's got that bad habit - and part of those games is making others admit things for him. It's the way he's learned to research despite the fact he's not a genius, stuck in a world meant for them.

"Full of delinquents. Should I be careful around you?"
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"I wouldn't say that," Light says. He smiles his bright smile, feeling smug despite the fact Near found all this information. It counts because he was merely using his resources. "Your class has government connections, and who knows what you could do with that?"