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Soul's out for her daily errands. This involves working for her daily wages, hanging out with the 'tough' crowd, playing basketball later in the afternoon and eating in between all of these things. Of course, she has a few secrets: most of the time she gives a good portion of her food to street orphans and as for working, she does it for free. In addition to those things, she's getting more and more tired of being tough. All these images she has to keep up are getting to her and starting to seem less cool.

Another habit as of late is spending a good portion of the time she's working on the phone with her brother. Things aren't exactly going right at home and it's an effort to keep from having to go back there and fix things herself. Since she's volunteering, the phone doesn't get her in much trouble. They just have her stock, anyway.

She's still out when it's late at night, watching the moon do its thing. She's trying to decide whether it'd be cool or dumb sneak into a jazz bar. As if she could even pull it off.

(( OOC: Threads are not linked together, one does not affect another! Open to all ships, tag at any part of her day and we'll go with it. :) ))

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