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Soul's out for her daily errands. This involves working for her daily wages, hanging out with the 'tough' crowd, playing basketball later in the afternoon and eating in between all of these things. Of course, she has a few secrets: most of the time she gives a good portion of her food to street orphans and as for working, she does it for free. In addition to those things, she's getting more and more tired of being tough. All these images she has to keep up are getting to her and starting to seem less cool.

Another habit as of late is spending a good portion of the time she's working on the phone with her brother. Things aren't exactly going right at home and it's an effort to keep from having to go back there and fix things herself. Since she's volunteering, the phone doesn't get her in much trouble. They just have her stock, anyway.

She's still out when it's late at night, watching the moon do its thing. She's trying to decide whether it'd be cool or dumb sneak into a jazz bar. As if she could even pull it off.

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Black*Star had been looking for Soul and found her working in one of the book shops. She's about to say something along the lines of 'isn't this Maka's thing?' but stops short when she sees that Soul's on the phone and looking moderately unsettled.

"Nope," she says instead, planting her feet in front of Soul and grabbing for the phone. "Who is this, and the fuck you bothering my best friend for?"
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"Because you were upset!" Black*Star crosses her arms, she doesn't get the big deal. She protected Soul and she'd always do it and that was that! "Nobody gets to upset you."

She reaches over and fluffs Soul's hair fondly.
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Kid is waiting outside the basketball court, holding onto a ball and whistling. He used to hate the idea of the game but as of late, he's actually taken to it... as long as he ignores the dirt that collects because of playing. A hard task, but one he manages until he gets home and can freak out in the privacy of his own mansion.

"Are you ready to lose?" he greets Soul with, because that's clearly shit-talking. The best he can manage, anyway.
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Crona watches Soul on and off for most of the day. She's not aware that such a thing is creepy, and so keeps doing it. You can learn a lot of things about someone as you watch them. Such as the fact they're hiding a huge part of themselves from others.

At one point she gets very hungry but she has no allowance left. She spent it all on candy for Ragnarok. If she was being stealthy before, she is not now, and her stomach grumble gives her away as being a few steps behind and around the corner.

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This isn't the first night that Soul's stayed out late. The first few times Maka was left with a cold dinner, she was very angry. The next few times she wasn't as mad, mostly because she had started to expect it. She's learned to be resigned about it since then, but today, she feels like she's owed an answer about what's going on.

So Maka searches the streets for Soul. Calling the other girl's name, she heads to all the most likely places while tracking how close her partner's wavelength feels.
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Staying still is the worst option if Soul wants to escape Maka. The least likely option doesn't matter, what it's about is feeling her presence. Maka doesn't blink when it leads her down to the library, anyway. She figured Soul might hide somewhere 'unlikely'.

She walks up to her partner and stands in front of her, close enough for toes to touch toes. "What do you think you're doing?" she demands. "It's past midnight!"
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"Sightseeing, huh?" Maka has her hands on her hips as she stares down at her weapon. If she weren't so worried she would book the other girl. "So why didn't you bring me along?" Her tone hints at a pout, but she manages to keep one off her face - she refuses to be embarrassed by being childish. But she doesn't like the lying.
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"I know that you've been sharing with me even less lately," Maka says. "And that you're worried all the time. I can feel it." She puts a hand on her own chest, right over the heart. "It doesn't feel very nice for me, so it must feel worse for you." She hates to think of her weapon in solitary pain. It doesn't matter whether or not Soul is only doing it to herself, it's still terrible!
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"Don't belittle yourself," Maka says brusquely. She gets tired of that really easily. It's a horrible form of armor but Soul uses it again and again. "Putting yourself down won't get you out of this."

She kneels down in front of her weapon, heights mismatched because Maka's on the lower step. "Just tell me," she pleas. "It'll be easier that way."
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"What?" Maka can't believe her ears, she's startled beyond belief. "That's not happening. You wouldn't leave me." It makes sense, though. The times Wes called the apartment and sounded really stressed, the fact that a woman calling prompted Soul to get her own phone to carry. She'd never been interested in the idea before. What was going on that Soul would have to break her promise to stay?
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Maka knows Soul is lying. She's learned to spot her weapon's truths and falses by the subtle changes in the other girl's face. Soul's a good liar to most people but she can't hide herself from her meister. "Alright," she says firmly, taking Soul's hands and holding on tight. "Then I'm coming with you."
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"You're not selfish," Maka says, because that's what Soul's words really mean. I'm selfish I'm selfish I'm selfish is the chant underneath the protests and Maka lifts Soul's hands up and turns them over, kissing each on the palm of the hand. She is not sure why she is doing something so intimate but it feels right.

"If you are, then I am too, because I won't let go."
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"Not even then." Maka offers a hesitant smile and leans up so she can rest her forehead against her partner's. Her eyes drift closed and she concentrates on the bond between them, tugging at the strings until they're intertwined tightly. This is the way to communicate her feelings, the way Soul will truly understand. Maka needs her and can't let her go. She'll die without her weapon. Maybe not physically but in her heart, she'd never be able to find another weapon. Most important of all, she'd never be able to trust again.
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Maka's eyes open too and she looks into Soul's. Their souls are intertwining and she can sense those thoughts. She tries to wordlessly communicate that actually she would like that very much. She will not take the first move, she will leave that to Soul. Maka's the controller in their relationship but for right now, it's important to let her partner take the lead.
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Maka has many regrets, but sharing with Soul is never one of them. This would be no different, and as the face kisses continue, Maka's feel of want blooms. She cups Soul's face in her hands and separates their faces slightly. "Come on," she says. "You know what I want you to do."

Whatever happened to letting Soul take the lead? Oops.
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"Screw that," Maka says and kisses Soul right on the mouth. Her lips curve into a triumphant smile and she inwardly cheers herself on. She's an impatient girl and in a second she's crawling up to the next step, straddling over Soul's lap with her knees digging into the concrete. "How you do it," she orders.
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Maka's lips feel sticky now, she thinks that Soul's lip gloss has gotten on her and that fact excites her. She hopes she has marks on her face too, she'll wear them like a badge of honour and not wash her face until at least tomorrow. She slides her arms around Soul as she kisses her back, trying to show her that the fruit isn't so forbidden, or if it is it's worth the snake.
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Her name is being chanted like a prayer and it's exhilarating. She's the punctuation of hallelujah. Soul worships her so much and it can be a burden at many times but right now it feels like heaven. "Soul," she responds in turn and presses her body closer to her best friend, chest to chest and oh, that's another kind of softness.
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"Who cares?" Maka says dismissively, then laughs as well when she recognizes her own impatience. "I've wanted it to come to this for a long time, and hearing you say you might go..."

Well. She wanted to make sure Soul had a reason to stay with her, whether it was here or somewhere else.
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"But I want to," Maka says, her soul feeling lonely now that the resonation is breaking. She pouts at this point, despite refusing before. "I wouldn't do something like that just because. I want whatever you'll give me, any relationship you'll allow me to have."

She grins then, and winks. "Besides, you're a cutie-pie. Who wouldn't kiss your face?"
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Oof! Maka grabs Soul's hands and peels them off, her cheeks now pink from the pulling. She's a little mad about that and also a bit mad about the whole 'begging for scraps' thing. "I'm not begging," she says stubbornly. "I'm letting you know I want you."

She presses her lips to the corner of Soul's and lowers her voice somewhat. "Really want you," she breathes out, trying to get the advantage now.
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"You want to introduce me to your grandmother?" Maka's shocked at that, and she presses herself forward again, kissing all over Soul's face. "You want me to meet your family?" Soul's never mentioned such a thing before, all she's wanted to do is hide them.
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"Okay," Maka says, her face lightly flushed with pink. It's espher Soul. "But for right now, let's go home." of her nose. "We'll do that." She presses her lips to Soul's again before pushing herself up from the steps, standing in front of her Soul. "But for right now, let's go home."